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Attic Consignments
(804) 740-9040


9:30am - 5:30pm: Monday - Saturday

1348 Gaskins Road
Richmond, Va 23238


In 1981 The Attic started as one womanís hobby, and became one of Richmondís best-loved treasure troves.


Lorna Rowland was a homemaker who had just seen her youngest child off to college. She wanted to help her daughters set up house on their own, but had trouble finding the kind of quality goods she had used in her youth. With no luck finding used goods through thrift shops or want ads, she had an idea.


She imagined a consignment shop in Richmond, where people could come together to buy and sell quality household goods without the mystery of newspaper ads or the questionable ambiance of flea markets. She advertised for items to be sold on consignment. After just a few weeks, she had enough goods to open her first shop on Patterson Avenue!


30 years later, The Attic is more popular than ever. Consigners who began selling with Lorna in the 1980s are still coming back, and more sign up every day. Treasure-hunters continue to seek out our shop and find something new every time they come in. The Attic has been located in the West End of Richmond at Gayton Crossing Shopping Center for more than fourteen years now, and is a Richmond tradition for shoppers old and new. We hope to see you soon!


Attic Consignment previews each item and selects the highest quality pre-owned jewelery, furniture and accessories. Items must be in good repair, clean, and an acceptable style. The Shop reserves the right to reject any item. Please ask for our list of items we do not accept for consignment. We will only accept items that we believe will sell quickly.

  1. The Consignor warrants that Consignor is owner of each item consigned and Consignee is not liable for loss. The Consignee will use all reasonable care to prevent damage or loss.
  2. Pricing and mark down schedule:
      First 5 weeks -- assigned price
      Next 3 weeks -- 20% off
      Next 3 weeks -- 40% off
  3. If consigned items have not sold within the first 5 weeks, the Consignee assumes the Consignor agrees to a markdown for the remaining periods. If that is NOT their desire, it is the responsibility of the consignor to withdraw items prior to the markdown.
  4. If consigned item does not sell at the end of 11 weeks, item must be claimed by consignor within 10 days or item becomes property of Attic Consignments. Notification to the Consignor is a courtesy and not the responsibility of the Consignee.
  5. For each item sold up to $40 consignors will receive 50% of sales price; and for each item sold for over $40 consignors will receive 65% of sales price.
  6. Checks to Consignors will be available for pick up at the store on the 7th of each month for items sold the previous month. Checks will not be issued for less than $10 but amount will be credited to Consignorís account.
  7. There is a one-time $10 registration fee to all Consignors.

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